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Deck fence washing

Having a fence and a deck tremendously enhances the value and comfort of your Columbus home, but maintaining them is a delicate process that's best left to the professionals. Clean Life LLC is the leading provider of fence and deck cleaning in the Columbus area, and our expert pressure washing service is the perfect solution to getting your fence or deck looking good as new!

Clean Life LLC is a Columbus pressure washing company that consistently delivers the best results obtainable for our customers. We strive to provide customer satisfaction that our competitors don't, and our experienced pressure washing team does just that through our advanced cleaning methods and premium cleaning solutions. Rest assured that when you hire Clean Life LLC, you'll get the five-star exterior cleaning treatment that we're so well known for and you deserve!

Deck Cleaning

When it's time to kick back and relax on your deck, you don't want your peace disturbed by unsightly algae, stubborn stains, or other grime. Clean Life LLC can make them all go away and give your deck a revitalizing wash that will have it looking better than ever! Some of the outstanding benefits that you'll receive from our deck cleaning service include:

  • Whether your deck is made from wood, vinyl, composite, or other materials, our deck cleaning pros have the expertise to clean away all its blemishes safely and thoroughly.
  • Deck cleaning restores color and beauty to your cherished outdoor living space, which will raise the curb appeal of your property.
  • You can expect your deck to last you longer without being damaged because we clean away corrosive and moisture-trapping substances.
  • Our surface cleaning system will keep you and your guests safe from slipping hazards caused by spills and organic materials such as algae.

Where other pressure washing companies fail, Clean Life LLC shines! When you want to make your deck the star attraction of your Columbus home again, call our deck cleaning specialists at 614-398-0594.

Fence Washing

Having a fence provides any homeowner with ample privacy and protection for their property. So if your fence is starting to get bogged down with grime or old age, our fence and deck cleaning technicians are ready to turn back the clock! We have the technology and pressure washing system to erase years of built-up grime and abuse on your fence without damaging any of its materials. Fence washing will bring your fence a new life and is the perfect way to prime it if you wish to repaint it! For professional fence washing, you can depend on, call Clean Life LLC!

Your Source For Professional Pressure Washing Services

Do you need more pressure washing services besides fence & deck cleaning? Clean Life LLC has got you covered! Give our technicians a call for a free estimate on outstanding professional services such as:

  • Pool Deck Washing
  • Window Cleaning
  • House Washing
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Patio Washing
  • And Much More!
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